Atithi Parinay: A Peaceful Stay in a Konkan Village

Check out this Home Stay where you can detach yourself from the busy city life and spend some time close to nature.

Ratnagiri: The Budget Alternative to Goa

Do you want to get the taste of Goa without curving a hole in your pocket? Then head straight to Ratnagiri, a perfect weekend gateway from Mumbai & Pune.

Torna Fort: A Monsoon Trek to Shivaji Maharaj’s first captured fort

Read the story of our daredevil trek to Torna Fort, one of the popular trekking places in Pune. The Monsoon makes it one among the difficult treks in India.

Kashid: A Perfect Trip where nothing was Perfect

Sometimes you have to leave everything and travel. Sometimes traveling become a necessity. It was a time like that. I was so much frustrated with my life. I hadn’t traveled for months and wanted badly to hit the road again. Luckily my friends were feeling the same way. We decided to go to some beach... Continue Reading →

Goa with my Girl Gang

The bus started even before we settled in. I climbed up into the upper bunk, looked outside and realized it was not Howrah station this time. All my life I have traveled with my parents. My mother used to say 'Dugga Dugga' whenever our journey began, and I used to see the station, drifting away,... Continue Reading →

River Rafting in Kolad

I was eleven years old then and was travelling to Gangtok with my parents. The river Tista was travelling alongside us. I saw some young people, with a boat, fighting with the current. They looked like heroes. I decided then itself that I have to do it one day. Rafting Duration: 2 hours Cost: 2000 Rafting... Continue Reading →

Visapur Fort: Trekking through Waterfall

It was monsoon. It was raining continuously for 3-4 days. In that weather when normal people prefer to stay indoors and sleep in weekend, we decided to go for a trek. After some research we finalized our destination- Visapur Fort. Difficulty: Moderate Endurance: Low Duration: 1 day Total Trek Duration: 3.5 hours(Approximate) Cost: 800 On... Continue Reading →

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